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I’ve been rushed to hospital three times my mom crying

Hi, my names Lizzie and I am fourteen I have been through a lot in high school now I want people to hear my story….

I was bullied and tormented I did not have many friends people hurt my feelings told me I was not good enough I had to stand up for myself so I did I fought back but in the end, I was gone.

Now I have been kicked out if school was only in year ten knowing I could not have my school prom really hurt me, however, I made new friends and it was good for a while till new people came in and things got really bad.

I started to become left out and I had no one there but then things started to change and people saw I was left out they came to comfort me and it all worked again.

However, this time things were a little different for I had a best friend who was like my sister so I cared and loved her like she was my sister we were both so happy until one day that changed she became distance so I shouted at her and I made her cry and then it became bad.

So, she decided that she wanted me out and that’s what she did now she can’t even look at me with feeling pure disgust I told I was sorry again and again but she did not listen to a word.

But then things bounced back and we are still friends however she’s not there for me and that’s where it all ends.

I have self-harmed and yes it felt good having that trigger there felt amazing every night I cried because I was in pain but it’s too late now because I have no one left.

Been rushed to hospital three times my mom crying to herself why would she do this.

But now I am happy and nothing gets in my way I am moving out of Tamworth just wish it was today.

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