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Without a purpose

Without a purpose:

That’s how I feel…. I’m stuck, it seems that I can’t do anything right, nothing seems to work, I have been quitting and running from everything and everyone, I believe in God and I know I have a purpose but I can’t see it, I can’t find it, I feel so lost, discourage has overtaking me and time keeps passing by, where am I going?

I feel terrible and no one, no one seems to understand this feeling, this agony, my time has gone, I’m no longer young, time has left, I have tried and fail so many times, in every aspect of my life, as a wife, as a mother, as a lider, as a Christian my faith seems to be fading and I don’t know why? I have failed academically, today I refuse to give up, but I can’t help it, it’s obvious…. I have tried and failed again, I haven’t feel myself in the longest time, something inside of me died when someone I love failed me, and I know that is in the past, but it made a mark in me and my confidence is on the floor…… don’t know who am I, this is not me, I used to care for everyone and help anyone, but all of them hurt me and failed me and now I have become selfish trying to not get hurt again, I have made walls to protect me, but I feel trapped.


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