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I needed this moment to vent my frustration

Life has a way at throwing curve balls when you least expect it. That is how I view my current situation.

I have been in a relationship for almost eight years. The beginning was great but there were signs that I did not notice. I am not saying I am completely perfect but I would not wish what I going through on anyone. I am not physically abused but emotionally and verbally I am.

Cruel words and harsh treatment that is attempted to be swept under the rug by a nice gesture or a fake apology. I have taken as much as I can to keep my family together but I have realized that although as women we take a lot, does not mean we should.

I have given everything I can to a person that does not give me 1/8 back. I am normally happy and positive but the negativity has consumed me.

There are times where I do not even recognize myself, all due to the misery of someone else. Tonight, I look at myself in a new light because ultimately, I know that what is not for me will not work no matter how I try to make it right.

I guess that is what makes life what it is. Sometimes the thing that we have to do is the hardest thing but once it is accomplished we realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. I needed this moment to vent my frustration and give myself the extra push to think about myself right now. I am still young enough to live my life and do whatever puts a smile on my face.


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  1. My view on this. It’s hard to leave a man over such a long period. Sure if u met this person and day 2 he was being abusive you would have bounced but this thing called love and soul ties makes you stay makes you feel like the only thing you have is him and if You let that go it will ruin everything. Sometimes we’re jus a little blinded and it’s not as hard as we think it is I left a 6 year relationship 6 months ago and it was hard lots of crying and ice cream lol but I got through it I feel better still have sad days but people are put until your life for a reason. Seek Jesus and I promise you your answer will lie within Him. Stay encouraged ??

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