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Everyone makes a mistake

Broken promises.

Everyone makes a mistake… not everyone is perfect. So, do I.

I did a mistake but that wasn’t intentional… and mistakes are not done intentionally, but sometimes it’s very hard to explain that!

I just complained of my best friends to my teacher. That’s it… it was my mistake… and the punishment I got for this was a shock for me….

I don’t trust people easily but I had friends whom I thought I would trust blindly… I had a good relationship with a guy… everything was good until this day…

On 14th February like everyone I was planning a perfect date… but for some reason he cancelled the plan. And postponed it the next day… I took gifts roses and a card for him. The next day he didn’t call…

I had my final exams in. February end so I forgot about the date …and I was into my preparations for the same….

Few days later I had to go to the college… actually I was called by my one of the friend…. When I reached there, I saw my other two friends and my boyfriend standing and waiting for me…

As soon as I reached there they started yelling at me… everyone one by one started accusing me…. They told me that about the complaint I made to the teacher’s and they were very angry for the same… I apologized and begged them to forgive me. My friends did back bitching and told my boyfriend that I was cheating on him and he believed them

I was crying as they all were hurting me by saying things that were painful…. They told me that I am a selfish person and can do anything for getting success…. and they also commented on my character… They verbally abused me. And the person I needed the most that time was standing right in front of me with them. I cried whole day. I was shattered, broken. I just wanted to save me relationship as I was in love with this guy.

But all my efforts to save the relationship were in vain. I was on antidepressants and I was giving my exams at the same time. After a month, I told my mother everything. She supported me and made me realize that what they did was wrong. After that, he broke up with me, my so-called friends left me.

Today they pretend as if they were never wrong, they told me that that what had happened with me, I deserved that. Today they are all together. And I am left alone. My trust for friendship, relationship is broken.


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