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That’s when I accidentally saw my mum’s boobs.

Hi, I am eighteen and one night I was eating chips in front of the T.V. when my mum told me that she was going to take a shower, that’s when I accidentally saw my mum’s boobs.

I wanted more so I peeked under and “through the curtains of the shower and saw my mum’s shaved vagina and legs suddenly a crazy thought occurred to me; so, I removed my boxers and was naked then I opened the curtains my mum then said WHAT ARE you… She was then silenced when she saw my dick, I got in then my mum smiled and held my dick and said Get the condoms! I got them and I had a time of my life, I picked her up and fucked her so hard, then she was screaming but I kept her quite nicely, she then sucked it oh and we have sex every night…


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