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The birth of the embodiment of wisdom

“I am a disciple of discipline and I want you all to relinquish to my religion.”, she roared to glue our chattering lips forever. Despite, warnings being bombarded I, the notorious one paid no heed and kept on fulfilling my obligation with utmost dedication. What an inclement blow, how blunt, how rubicund I turned when the very first day of my class 10th initiated with such a retribution, that I made it to the headlines of the school! An immaculate hand-written letter confounded my otherwise hay-wired brain.

A rustication letter for such, trivial a fault. I was all sweat and no tears, for my courage seeped out, my dried eyes unable to fathom the sudden change of events in few minutes. There, as a harbinger of ecstasy, our Principal marched. In a quagmire like this, I was bound to seek solace in the benisons of that lithe, divine lady. She showered peace, and demanded the withdrawal of that horrifying letter. Being, the ultimate authority, her word became the verdict. Genuflecting before the contrasting figures, I offered my share of “sorry” and “thank you”. And here, started the most amazing camaraderie.
Her disposition petrified me more than ever and my lips went numb while her presence brought terror to my soul. Where her presence stimulated fright hormones, her subtle lectures piqued my mind.
Gradually, fear started withering and a new seed of curiosity gestated. The salubrious fruits of prudence got rid of the plaguing fear and the transformation from a notorious to a conscientious science addict started. An indelible mark had she left on my mutable mind.

Another mundane day, and I was strolling towards the library when my ears fetched the news of her birthday. Exhilarated I rushed and announced this precious piece to my enthusiastic pals.
December 1, yes! the fortunate day sloppily and boastfully commenced. Impatience-ridden, I stood amid the cheerful faces. Red velvet cake adorning the dull teacher’s desk, decorations grinning at us and the melody of sotto voice, transformed the jejune classroom into a lawn party.

The elegant lady, draped in gleaming black and red sari lit the whole room and we all started using our vocals to lend a mellifluous music. Her insouciant face softened, it showed for the first time in a year, emotions, wrinkles, smile and oh! not expected “TEARS”!!

She, the potentate was enervated by love and emotions. Her tears, were no less than the gleaming diamonds which extol the unreachable night sky. It was a perfectly adumbrated scene of abode, where we as comrades celebrated the birth of the embodiment of wisdom, inspiration and perseverance.


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