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I have lovely parents but they’re over-parented

Dearly beloved, if you’re reading this and you’re from a happy home, you will never understand my story. I just turned 20 on the 23rd of June this year and I’ve never seen tears drop from the eyes of my dad who is a clergy and 63 years of age. I have lovely parents but they’re over-parented, and this drives my elder brother so mad that he has finally gotten into drugs.

My brother hates dad so much to the extent that, he would punch him if he felt like doing it. It is a very long story, but to cut it short, my dad came to my room one night discussing with me what should be done to make his son love the family back, because he tried everything he could but yet still the boy wasn’t showing appreciation. Whilst discussion was ongoing, we heard thunder feets, running towards our house with chants saying ”He’s a thief! catch him!!” Not long ago, we heard a vigorous shake at the main door and a sudden lock. We came outside from my room only to realize it was my elderly brother.

At that moment, I saw the gradual redding of my father’s eyes as they begun to swell with tears. I asked myself one question, ”How would I feel, if I turned a father and my son was doing same thing to me?”… Dearly beloved, my elder brother came inside totally drunk.

I went inside, begun to think and now I have developed prurient and a spontaneous headache. I don’t really care about my illness that much as compared to that of my parents. My mom stays elsewhere because of work, and she is a very emotional woman. She would cry each time she heard complaints of my elderly brother.

Therefore, my dad and I decided not to give reports to her again… What if the mob grabbed my elder brother? What if he got lynched? What if my brother’s behaviour is killing my dad deep down inside his soul? he’s 63 and is a grown man. These and so many others are the questions I keep asking myself every day. I am a tertiary student and is finding it very difficult to study because it keeps bothering me. Before as a kid, I used to think I was the happiest man on earth, but now things are not the same anymore. That night of incidence, I laid on my bed, said a word of prayer, took my laptop, and wrote this piece. At this moment, I think there are no solutions because good counsellors have dived into this issue but it yielded no positive result.

My story hasn’t ended yet …


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