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I need advice – I am getting mixed signals


I think I’m falling for a good friend of mine at school. We just spent a weekend on the same trip and we spend a lot of time around each other at school, but I’m getting a bunch of mixed signals from her and I don’t know how to take them.

I’ve had really bad relationships in the past and I guess I’m just scared and don’t want to mess up what I could have. Any advice?

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  1. heyy, uhmm yeah i had the same feeling but that friend of mine turned out to be like the rest she’s not special as i thought she was, she seemed open minded but she isnt. first, you shouldnt get attached, second, expect him/her to be like the rest. sometimes when you get to know people more or get a bit closer you’ll know things you wouldnt have expected to know such a thing or things about him/her. and every person seems nice when you keep your distance (when you dont really know them yet).. good luck xx

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