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My family is depressing

I can’t explain how to begin, my life’s a complete mess. My family is depressing. Even with so many people, I feel alone in this world. Sometimes I can’t believe am I already dead. Life is complicated, the one’s you care for are the ones who break your trust. Can be any more emotional.

Story of my life is really complicated and depressing. My father to begin with is a business man. He is a kind person who helps others. But in our family even though he loves us, buys us things, takes us to places, listens to our demands but he is no good.

Everyone loves their father but I don’t. It doesn’t mean I hate him. Father’s never hit their children especially daughters but my father hits. He once hit my elder sister and me with a stick. Slapped us many times and he even broke my sister’s tab in anger. He can be really furious.

Next is my mother. I can’t really express her. She is at worst. She hits us even if we weren’t wrong and always saying bad words to us. She shouts at us (even at times she gets mental).

Well there’s no end to my whole life story. My mother father always fights. When we were in previous house they used to say each other bad words. Mother always started the fight. Sometimes on money, sometimes when my father came home drunk or sometimes at us(children). They used to say each other these children are a bullshit. No parents hate their children. Tears roll down my cheek as I write this.

Next my siblings. My smaller sibling is really annoying like when you see a cockroach in your glass when you are drinking water. They are really abusive.

My smaller brother is like what we call shameless. You may understand that. I am the only one in the family who has rough hair, is fat, writes with left hand. They all make fun of it. Ending it by saying that I never lose hope because I have a true, great friend who never lets me lose hope and makes me believe. I believe he is testing me to see if I give up easily or not (like to die). But I will never give up. My true friend is God. Being a Muslim (I hope you don’t mind that) I believe and put my faith in Allah Almighty and I always pray everything to be fine. After all Allah has given me a test and I have to pass it. Only then I will be successful. I hope my story makes you feel good. Thank you!


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