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I get scared of things very easily, specially girls

I am a boy with very low self-esteem and confidence.

I get scared of things very easily, specially girls. But I watch them when they don’t notice. A boy who speaks very less. Please help.


  1. just go for it I’m a high schooler and I totally understand where you are coming from. The best feeling is receiving a compliment

  2. Fake it till you make it. It’s scientifically backed that if you smile more you brain will actually believe that you are happy. I believe that it would be the same with confidence and self-esteem. Being scared is okay, everybody is sacred of something. In your case, the female sex. That’s absolutely fine, but embrace the fact that you aren’t the most charming person around girls, and then push yourself till you get used to it. Even if you are still scared, but you can interact with them like they are your acquaintances, if you can’t find the courage to do it face to face. You can start with the internet, go to social media platforms/ social apps and message away (don’t be creepy, just be natural and chat like she is a boy). Since it’s online, you have time to think over what you can say and it won’t feel like too much pressure to reply. Eventually, when you have grown used to talking to girls online, you will muster the courage to talk to girls in real life. Hopefully this will help.

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