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I like watching my mom have sex with a stranger

Hello, I am writing as first-time writer and totally true.

I was 11 and normal average preteen boy. I had my first sexual stimulation when I was 9. I had watched my mom having sex with a strange man. He was tall and black with a body to match his swagger.

There was a noticeable bulge in the front of his pants and hanging down his right leg. I was supposed to be asleep. I wasn’t, I was in my mom’s closet already for the show. Mom walked in her room and started to undress herself. Mom was a hot piece of ass.

She was 35 divorced long tan and tone legs and with a perfect ass. Moms tits were so so so PERFECT! 36 DOUBLED. Big nipples and I had watched mom in the past rub and twist her tits.

But now I’m getting ready to see mom get used and abused sexed upside down. The black guy came into the picture. He was smoking a glass pipe which looked like meth or ICE. He passed it to my mom who was already in her sexy panties and bra. Mom took her first hit of meth and I watched her become a total sex crazed person. Mom was reaching for the guys cock through his pants.


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