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I been sleeping with my mother for 8 years

I been sleeping with my mother for 8 years. One night as I was getting ready for bed. My mother asks me to come to bed naked. So, I undress and got in bed.

My mother took her night grown off and then she took her pink panties off. She starts to kiss me on my lips. I rub one of her nipple.

Mom stops and put her breast in my face. I started to suck her nipple. I move my hand down to her hair line. Mom said go on down. I felt her wet pussy mom said push your finger into it. I felt her hand on my dick.

For a 6 years old boy, my dick was not that big. Mom hand cover my whole dick. Mom ask me to laid back on my back. So I did.

Mom rub my tiny nipples with both hands. She put her mouth on my dick. She licks it and suck on it. My dick felt funny as I cam in her mouth. She pulls her mouth off my dick real fast.

I could tell she was very mad at me. She said how dare you cum in my mouth. I try to say. Mom told me to shut up. Mom spit my cum out of her mouth. Mom told me to roll over. I did as she asked me to. She rub my butt and rub her finger over my butt hole. She spank my ass very very hard she made me cry.

Mom roll me back over and told me to never cum in her mouth. Mom said I could cum in her pussy but not her mouth.  Mom said do not say anything as she whip my tears. Mom told me she love me.

The next night mom showed me how to lick her pussy. It taste good. Then she told me have to get my dick into her pussy. I could feel it was in. Mom scream. I thou I was hurting her.

I said, want me to stop she said keep going. My dick start to feel funny as I cam in mom pussy. After we finished, mom said it been 6 years since she had sex. We then to sleep.



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