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Got 1 call for a man with a stroke

OK, I want to share something pretty cool with you 🙂

I live in Israel, And I’m fifteen.

In Israel teens are obligated to volunteer at least sixty hours per year.

And I chose M.D.A. that’s our main ambulances service in Israel.

And we can volunteer over there.

Last year I successfully passed a 1 year First Aid Responder course.

And yesterday I’ve had my first shift. When somebody calls an ambulance, we are part of the team on it.

On my shift, I’ve got 1 call for a man with a stroke. We took very good care of him, I’ve checked his blood pressure, pulse, and more tests.

We transferred him to the nearby hospital very fast.
And I felt really good after my first ambulance ride. that’s it. 🙂

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