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My journey of being a model suffering with Alopecia Areta

Hi my names Jonah Adefay. My journey of being a model suffering with Alopecia Areta.

I have had alopecia for just over 12 months now and because I model I thought I it would be a good idea to expose myself on my new vlog on YouTube to help people!

I launched my vlog only a few days ago and I have reached so many people also getting a sponsor with a hair product I use to cover my hair up (mane product)

At first having alopecia it made me lose My confidence and feel low and me as a person I’m always happy living life. having the support of my family and friends it’s made me realise that even having this it hasn’t stopped me reaching my goals and ambitions.

The reason behind my vlog is to encourage individuals with alopecia or any other conditions to not let it affect the way they live because life’s too short to worry and you should embrace and carry on?? I hope this inspired you guys.

Let’s make a stand to alopecia!

Thank you


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