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Have you ever felt such an immediate connection with someone?

I met him in our statistics class. That’s where it all started even though we both have no idea what “it” was going to be or how things would change so fast. I was at a party with my friends serving as the designated driver that night when I got a message on Tinder (classy I know).

I had completely forgot that weeks before I had tried my chances and swiped right on the long haired, blue eyed guy that had once sat behind me in an eleven o’clock class that I never spoke more than three words to.

We went out together on a Wednesday night because he got off work early and I met him at his house. Immediately I thought that he was perfect. His hair was now short and he wore a grey t-shirt which made me realize that my teal romper and curled hair was a little over done. We went to Little Five Points, a very retro/hipster area near Atlanta and we first stopped at a large thrift store at the far end and picked the tackiest clothing we could find to create cheesy pick-up lines that we would laugh about until we left.

Eventually, we ate on the roof of a bar that was decorated with old wooden tables and yellow lights hung on the roofs edges. At first it was all just small talk, but I felt like I could talk to him forever and never get bored. When the streets became dark and quiet we drove to Marietta Square, one of my favourite areas. Sitting on a bench in an empty downtown area doesn’t sound romantic, but our conversation about life, religion, and anything else that crossed our mind throughout the night seemed like it would be a part of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

That night when we were the only ones left, he kissed me in front of the fountain and all I could hear was my heart. I didn’t make my way home till four in the morning and after my doctor’s appointment 4 hours later I went straight back to him where we the morning in Waffle House (which kind of became our place), and the rest of the day at his place watching stand-up comedians on Netflix.

After spending a couple of days back at home with my family which is four hours away from here I came back in time to meet him at Waffle House after he got back from spending the weekend at his lake house which was two hours away from here. After we went back to my place and watched the movie “Trolls” which I do admit I laughed a little too hard at. That was the first time we had spent the night together and also the night where I told him how I felt about him. I liked him, and after my last relationship, that wasn’t easy for me to do or say aloud.

It was a Thursday night and I had saw him earlier that day at his work during his break. We went to a house party with all his friends, but the whole night his attention was always on me and I knew this was something we both wanted. We walked out of the party holding hands and talking to his friends when one of them said “you are very lucky, you have a really good guy” and without saying anything I just looked at him and knew that was true. That night we made love and the next morning we talked about how incredible it was and how we were both glad that we were intimate enough to talk each other through it all.

Later that afternoon, he invited me and my roommate to go to his lake house for the weekend with all of his friends, I of course said yes, but now I wish I didn’t because that trip would push us two steps back. Long story short I caught him being intimate with a friend of his I had a bad feeling about the whole night and the reason I’m not going into too much detail is because I let it go and that’s not what this story is about.

After giving him a hard time all night, we woke up next to each other and I looked up at him and even thought I was upset, I knew my feelings hadn’t changed. Before I left that afternoon, we talked and made sure we were on the same page and as I was laying on top of him he looked at me and said, “You are great and you didn’t deserve any of that” and I kissed him goodbye and left what had happened behind us. He started to ask for space which I understood because I knew he probably felt guilty putting me through something he was familiar with.

He had gotten out of a relationship six months before where she had cheated on him and he caught her. I knew that so I kept my patience. A few days later I went through hell and back with my ex, who I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship for three years and only been separated from for about three months, starting up drama and my friends turning against me I leaned on him for support. He was there, but my need to talk about my problems slowly turned into us needing to talk about ours.

Although he was being extremely contradictive, we both agreed that we didn’t want anything to end, but that we just wanted to see each other. Unfortunately, we never got that chance. He broke things off the day before we had plans to hang out. I reacted calmly and agreed that it was bad timing, which was true, but I also said I felt the same way, which is far from the truth. After letting a few days go by I decided to ask what happened to which he replied by explaining things simmered down and it just wasn’t a good time in his life. We agreed to be friends which I had no problem with until I saw him again.

I was playing trivia with my co-workers and I saw him at a long table with a group of his friends. I tried to avoid him at first, but when I figured I couldn’t because the restaurant was so small, I just gave a slight wave and walked passed. I don’t know how it was for him, but I was nervous all over again and my heart hurt in a way I never wanted to associate with him. I still question if whether or not after classes start up would it be worth trying again or maybe asking him to coffee and see what happens, or is it just better for me to try to forget him. How can you forget someone who makes you feel like that? Most people might think this is crazy, but have you ever experienced what could possibly be, but I don’t want to go as far as to say it was, love at first sight?

Have you ever felt such an immediate connection with someone that you begin to question what love actually is? That’s how he makes me feel, but now I’m having to get over someone I never even dated.


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