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21 and still live with my parents

I’m twenty-one years old, I still live with my parents, It’s really sad and depressing, it’s just another teenage Emo drama.

My Dad is the perfect asshole, he hates me and my mom. He always blames me for every bad thing that happens to him. I just want to leave this damn place but that idiot wouldn’t let me either.

Living in a middle class Indian society itself is depressing on its own, it’s worse when you have a cunt as your dad.

I’ve been planning to leave this shithole since I was 12, It’s only getting worse. Please pray that I get a job once I finish my engineering degree so that I can leave this hell, and live in harmony and peace. I’m pretty sure that there are many youngsters like me being misunderstood and harassed and desperately want to leave home. I’ll keep them in my prayers too

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