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My parents don’t know that yelling at me hurts

Is there a time where a child/teen doesn’t feel loved? Well I can most tell you, in my experience is when my parent yell at me.

My parent may never know when yelling at me it hurts my fragile and sensitive heart but they don’t know that, so I just got to keep my head up high and later find a place to express my feelings (meaning find a place to bawl my tears out).

I shouldn’t even be writing! Just writing, talking, thinking about this situation makes me want to cry. But I know that I can’t…. I ask myself why can’t cry in front of my parent is because (I’ve cried in front of them once and it was horrible) my dad gets frustrated, my brother asks me why I cried for no reason, mom likes to think as if I’m putting on a show, and my sister is so caring that’s why I share more stuff with her.

That’s why I don’t show my sad, hurt, depressed feelings to my family because I’ve had a little bit of too much crying and headaches from thinking of not to cry again, many words cross my mind when getting yelled at:

  • Humiliation
  • Weak
  • Cry-baby
  • Depressed

And many other words but I can’t think cause of this headache. I wonder if they’ll ever realize that I’m sensitive but it’s okay if they don’t. But another thing I know is that they do still love me no matter what. I hope no one else feels this way and if there is someone that feels like this then I’m here no matter what and will find a way somehow to get rid of this feeling.



  1. my parent was divorce in 2012, they always into fighting and yelling to each other, sometimes they yelling at me too, i feel depressed, hate, angry, sad, fool.. but i know, time will never put you in the same situation.. it will gone and turn you into something good, stay positive, mind your own happiness..

  2. So sorry to know that. I guess some of us experienced this knida thing as well. I once so depressed because i cant confront about how i felt to my parents. Since i thought it would just make everything become worse. But believe me, your parents will be more than willing to hear your problems. They called you those because they dont know what exactly happened to you. Try to have a serious talk with them. I am rooting for you! Cheer up okay!

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