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He helped me get reconnected with God

So, I recently had Neighbourhood Bible Time and this evangelist came to our church his name was Mr. Levi. I met him last Sunday and Neighbourhood Bible Time last for a week. Well, this week he made me feel so loved and I thank him for that. He helped me get reconnected with God, and God helped me open my eyes and see what I was doing is 100% not right. He made feel more loved than my mom ever makes me feel.

Saturday, he left our church and went to another church for NBT. I was so depressed that day and I missed him so much, that when I was in the bathroom I shed some tears and I haven’t cried in a long time. So, this Sunday when I went to church everything was back to normal. When we were driving home Sunday morning I said where did Mr. Levi and Mr. Thomas go she told me that they just went to Anderson and I got so excited, because I realized I might see him again sooner than I thought. On Friday, it was awards day and we got to throw water balloons at him. When we were done it was time for us to leave I wanted to hug Mr. Levi but I was so stupid and didn’t do it. I said by and said by back and said I hope you liked throwing water balloons at me. Well right now I regret not hugging him and wish that I did.


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