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When your parents ask “who do you want to live with”

A story about a girl who is really tough she had everything family, love, happiness etc.

She wasn’t really good at anything she was a bad girl at school failed some subjects yet her parents are very supportive even though she was a trouble maker and a failure. But she is a happy person who cares more about people than herself!

But there’s one thing what makes her heart and herself really weak and that’s the fights at night of her parents…!
Every night she was up hearing them. she couldn’t do anything but cry silently.

One night the family went out together. Suddenly they asked their kids to whom they want to stay with! Of course they couldn’t decide they were young!

The situation went worse. Her parents decided to live separately her dad moved out since then everything was different!

She was really close to her dad but one day she got so mad because she found out that he was hurting her mother. She texted her dad “you idiot!” She started to ignore him.

A few months later her mom got a call from his uncle saying, “We can’t find him!” her dad drowned in a lake they couldn’t find him they even called for help………30 minutes later they found him but he wasn’t in a good condition he had 50% chance to live but unluckily he didn’t make it!

Then she realized a lot of stuff but at the same time she questioned herself!

Realized that she needed him. that she was loved by someone who really accepted her the way she was, that he was the only one who runs to her first when she gets hurt and make her smile when she’s sad.

Why do I have to lose you?
Why you?
Does God needs you in heaven?
Why do you have to leave me?

She regrets everything her text, the moments she ignored him, not asking him how he was. how he felt. if he needs help? if he needs me?

She hated and blame herself for everything!

Two years later she and her best friend broke up.
She kept all the pain to herself she chose happiness. swallowed all the painful moments there’s nobody she could lean on.

Still the girl is not true to herself she’s so dumb hoping her dad to come back or to find someone who can replace the love she got from her dad

There’s more behind the story!!!

What she really wants is a happy family she always imagined a family that knows how to listen, a family that knows that communication and understanding is important, a family that loves you no matter how you look like etc.

Her question!
When is this pain going to end?

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