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People say move on

People say move on, don’t worry about those who don’t worry about you, or even care. I can read a thousand memes to knock some bloody sense into my head to change my outlook on the day, I can listen to thousands of songs, and change it, I can meet new people for a different social aspect, read the strangers blogs they put up on social media just for a little bit of explanation or sense mmm yeah if that’s what I got to do, I will do it…

You know what you might not care now but you once did and you will again, I know this for a fact because it’s you and I’m me… One thing that always came between us was the fact I wasn’t patient enough I wanted more, always wanted more when you couldn’t give me that, I never truly listened to you all I took was the actions and all the other fucked up fuckery that came with it.

Don’t sit back, look, and read this as you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about because you know exactly what has happened and been said and done… haha I shouldn’t laugh but it’s funny stupid. I know I understand, I really do understand does anyone else probably not and may so yes who fucking cares about them this is me and you…

You gave me a new life to keep me busy and I’m forever grateful and it’s definitely keeping me busy and changing my outlook on everyday basis. We both need time to grow, learn, adapt and hopefully we be more mature to handle the situations we were put in years ago.

It’s all a learning curve and we have much more to learn both of us. You can date million more other women and I can date another million more guys but no one will ever fill the void and that exact part in my heart as you could or would, it took me a long time to figure it all out maybe I am quick learner but you, fuck me please catch up no pressure though.

If it takes forever I will always stick through with my promise I will wait and I will stay loyal, committed, and honest and true to myself and you as well at the same time that you will forever have my heart. Millions, billions of people can tell me to move on and you know what good on them, they are telling me something I need to hear but will I follow through absolutely fucking not… It’s always been you and it will always be forever you. You don’t fucking deserve someone like me that may seem greedy and selfish and probably stuck up to say like fuck I’m not perfect I’m nowhere near perfect and that is not my intention for those words I’m just putting it bluntly as whatever fuck it is shouldn’t be putting people like me and you together that don’t appreciate whatever it is.

I’m losing all sense on what to write there… People are going to judge my outcome of it and yeah, I going to let them do just that because no one can judge me more than myself, I’m my worst enemy and right now I’m battling the other soldiers to make a solid foundation of life lessons I can carry on to love you, just like I said I was going to do.

The fucking fantasy love game you want to play and commit too than that’s the way it works for you, than fine fuck I love playing games but I don’t want anyone else to get hurt in the process as well but we all know that doesn’t happen if you play games… Someone has always got to lose and win and then we start again… yay** lately it’s me who has been the loser, but you know what I have always been a loser in some way throughout my whole life and still currently am.. So, fuck it, (you win). I’m glad there is a winner. I rather you win anyways to make your ego boost push the positive and good endorphin’s so than I technically win too when your happy I’m happy, that’s how it is the end…. full stop. My life is complete with you if I can make you happy than I’m happy.


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