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I didn’t know I suffered from child abuse

I want to share the story which wasn’t healed until I realized what’s wrong in my life. I had suffered the problem of no self-esteem since my childhood and when it was just about to become nil, I fortunately realized that everything I’m facing is because of having no self-esteem and I wanted to overcome this thing desperately and so I started going back to all the things that have affected my mind somewhere and weren’t healed.

And guess what it was? It was child abuse and it came in my mind all of sudden after 20 years probably all of sudden in a classroom and I’m angry on that person because of him I lost myself esteem and now I’m 27 year old and still finding my ways to recover… None of my family members know what I suffered from in my childhood… please suggest me and that’s not the only thing after that as I grew I started having nightmares which I’m realizing now why I had such nightmares… That’s the cause which I found for my low self-esteem and I want to heal completely from it…


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