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I need money to study

I had a dream to help everyone. To help in their pain I saw many one suffers from various disease. Some has no money for their treatment. I saw many people die without a medicine. I decided to be a doctor, but alas, I don’t have money for study. No one was going to help me, even my parents weren’t agreeing for that I’ll study I qualified. Exam and I had no money to take admission in private college. I told to god please help me but where is god no one helps me now my situation is very and a lot of tries cutting on my hands. No one understand that I really need to and wish to do it and I had no friends who can help me – I have none, still, I have none still. I’m trying for a govt sets but I have no coaching my parents don’t help me for my dream. It’ll waste or finish I have no reason to live….. I need someone who can help me.


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  1. Bro i am sorry for my english first i feel sad for you because i have everthing for study money my uncle do everthing for my study but i am not a good student i always play game and dont study my parentes have no more money so my uncle pay my fees but i feel that i am useless i try my best but i have no interst in study you have but you have no money. But dot warry everthing will be fine soon. I hope you become a rich man and all the best for your future ????? and never give up bro

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