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I have made 2 attempts

I have made 2 attempts and one I should have succeeded. I’m not sure how I wasn’t hit or something. I don’t remember walking or anything. I have never made attempts, much less been right there ready. I am 35 with nothing!! I have worked my ass off all my life, but yet I’ve managed to gain nothing. I have a son that is turning 4 in Dec and all I can think is how good he has it without me. I managed to turn the one who I knew I was going to grow old with cold hearted… That is something worth face planting from a bridge right there. I managed to fuck all my teeth up and now I have only 5 on my front bottom. Dentures at 35. Yay!! I feel like I’ve done and known only failure…I seriously can’t keep on. My soul just feels beat down… nothing left.

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