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I feel like I wasted my youth

I feel like I wasted my youth. I envy those around me that can have fun but I can’t. I feel trapped in my job, depressed everywhere I go, and I don’t feel like keeping up pretenses anymore.

I see so many people around my age that are so irresponsible and I hate picking up the slack for others. I say this with kindest words but I hate picking up slack for people who are close to me.

I feel like I am enabling their horrible behaviour, and in turn they are taking me for granted. I complain so much that I just sound like a whiny child all the time but I can’t stop myself from complaining.

I’m just letting a few things off my chest. I wish I was as brave as everyone and took a chance. I wish I wasn’t so afraid or insecure that I could make normal decisions in my life and feel confident. I feel like I’m wasting away my twenties but I hope one day I have the courage to do what I want to do and not what others want me to do. I hope I have enough courage to pursue my real dream job or life that does not leave me feeling so depressed.

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