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Don’t you just hate it when you don’t …

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t hop in a car with someone because you think they will have an accident, so you go with someone else and end up having an accident. It sucks

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  1. three minutes ago I began to write the followiing in response to this site’s queing regarding the biggest or greatest regret experienced, however not having the intestinal fortitude or access to enough sedation to recount ieven a portion of it, I stopped after first cutting and pasting the words into my computer. I then went to a category, clicked on it and read your words. Here were the ones I began with:

    without a doubt this was a chilling example of heading in one direction, encountering en route the direction you would normally take, not taking it and having life as you’ve known, loved, planned and lived it end in an explosive ball of flames, only without the benefit of dying.
    Anyway, just thought it was interesting to then see your post. I hope you are alright.

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