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I am twenty-one years old and I have no one to share my feelings with

I was born Muslim. I grew up as single girl child with 4 elder brothers accompanied. Of course, I felt safe and secure always. Actually, I felt that everyone in my life was over protective. I craved to share my feelings with a human.

I am twenty-one years old and I have no one to share my feelings with. Everyone knows me as a strong and independent woman who fears of nothing. But no one has any idea how much broke I am inside and how much I fear of loneliness. I take up more work so that I can be around other humans as much as possible, but my family thinks I am a workaholic.

Since childhood I found closer relationship with dad than to mom because she was stricter. I found so much boundaries around the only women at my house and was never able to walk past it. Mom couldn’t be my best friend. Until I found the love of my life, my mirror, my pillow, and the walls in my room used to be my best friends. At first, I didn’t know how to react and I kept pushing him away as I was forced to push everyone who has ever tried to come closer at some time because I had so much boundaries around me.

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  1. thanks god that you have your father …..
    I’m like you but with a little difference my mom died about 15 years ago and right now I have step mom with 2 sisters from her I don’t have any one in my life….
    I can not do anything cause I’m a girl..

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