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You again rise and push yourself one day at a time

Didn’t know I was ever going to see you again. But how can I forget it’s a small world and we are bound to see each other today or tomorrow. Things just don’t end between two people after they breakup.

Feelings linger for a long long time. You think that it’s gone, you convince yourself that it’s over, you learn all the new ways to distract yourself of their thoughts, but it takes one second to fall apart all over again. You see them and it’s over. All your strength is gone, all your control is lost. You are back to square one and you feel the same pain that you felt in the first time.

You again rise and push yourself one day at a time, but you know what happens, without you realizing it, you become weak, weaker than before. but at the same time, you like to tell yourself that this is going to make you stronger, you fool yourself into believing that it’s getting better and you’re becoming a stronger person, but let’s admit, you and I both know that it’s a lie.

Cause think about it, if we were getting stronger, we would not look back and feel sick in our stomachs, or look back to only feel regretful and disappointed and broken. I have come to believe that these things destroy you and makes you weaker each and every day.

You simply get immune to the pain and then next time you don’t get hurt by someone else in the same way because you’ve began to close your heart to love, to emotions, to feelings, to care. You are becoming a stone hearted cold person who will never dare to be vulnerable again.


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