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I have been molested, raped, cheated on and lied to.

I Feel broken. I spent 10 years with a person that could care less. I have been molested, raped, cheated on and lied to. I am forced to question my worth but know I DESERVE THE WORLD

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  1. God is but a witness to all of this sorrow. He has seen it all. I may be preaching about god and all, but its true. Things will get better. Life isn’t ending here. You are but at the peak of your existence. Love will find you or you will find love. It happens in funny ways. I got experience in that department. 10 years may have been a waist with that man, but think of all the happy memories it has showed you about love. This isn’t the end. With those memories you will come out stronger. Strength isn’t a weakness, unless you are consumed by it. Love will find you and I hope it does. Forgive and forget

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