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I’ve tried to kill myself many many times my but never succeeded

Hello, my name is Nayana and I’m a girl of 10th class my life is just like hell. I don’t get sleep at all.

Right now, it’s 2:24 am and everyone hates me in this world. Everyone laughs at me just because I’m over weighted and I even don’t know why do they do like this to me.

I’ve no friends in my class, I sit with myself. If teacher changes my place in class the girl who is going to sit next to me changes her place and don’t why.

I’ve tried to kill myself many many times my but never succeeded. I’ve tried to cut my wrist hang my self-thought of falling from a building only my best friend talks to because no one talks with I love her very much but as I’m shifted to some other region my big brother doesn’t allow me to talk with her just because he thinks that she is just talking with me for advantages now I don’t know to whom can I share my feelings.

I’ve even lost my father and everybody in my house living my mom thinks that because of me my father died and they even say that if I die that’s better. That’s a shocking thing for me ever in my life. They think where ever I go I curse everything!

They don’t care am I feeling well. Because of the behaviour of the students with me in the class I don’t like to go to school and if I don’t go to school my brother me a lot with belt or whatever he gets. I feel like to go and complaint to the police but if I go they will lock me in the room forever and talk with me rudely.

And I thought that my small brother is at least good to me but he also always beats me and does talks with me and get irritated a lot from me and my classmates, if I just ask, “can I come to play?” they say “why did she come” and all the boys run away from me. Even sometimes I feel like teachers too sometimes hates me. Every girl in the class says smell comes from me.

But boys never told. I know they don’t want to live in this world only I think my father loves me a lot more than my brothers. So, they are jealous of me even my mother’s brother said me that I will be dead this year for sure. What can I do of my life?


  1. Nayana my heart breaks reading this. I am so sorry you feel such pain. You are valueable, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves you. God created you and he loves you with an unconditional love. I pray you read this and that you feel His presence in your life. Please talk to an adult you can trust to help you and get you to a safe place. I lost my father to suicide, it is a very serious and permanent thing. It is not a solution. Please, please fight for your life and use this experience to make you stronger. I am praying for you.

  2. Girl just be strong and face all problems not for you but for your father.

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