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Then had the nerve to date a married man

Everything started when I left for china to study medicine. I was 23 years old, young innocent naive beautiful. Then had the nerve to date a married man.

I accepted that there were no consequences afterwards. But how did I know the hurt that was waiting for me. I dealt with an affair for 4 years now.

The sad truth is that every time I expected something I wouldn’t get it n get really upset… It has changed me in a negative and also in a positive way. I want to say to the world that you are forever alone and you have to deal with it… There are times where sanity will be questioned! But hold on. Be strong.

Today I am 26 and I realise how big of a mistake I made…. I am not saying the guy was a jerk… I am saying it was all my fault, because I wanted this….

I find out he is not as goodhearted as pretend to be… Life is full of surprises… You will learn a lot you will get hurt a lot you might even get criticised but don’t you ever give up.

Have faith in you. Because remember it’d all about girl power 😉


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