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I could feel a hand within my panty

Well! Which one to start with makes me pushy to narrate this. You might be wondering that having to stay in India as “the country” these incidents happen quite frequently. Why am I naming it an incident though? Just because it happened with me and I don’t have anyone to share with.

I was just 6 years old and the memory back to that day still shivers me down my spines. I was very happy that day since my parents were taking me to my grandparents’ house and there seemed to be a get-together sort of usual thing in a happy-go family. My grandmother’s sister had also come to visit with his only son and her husband. It was lunch time and everyone gathered around the dining table to be seated and fed.

Myself, my dad, my grandfather, and the son of a **(oops sorry he is the son of my grandmother’s sister’s son, I mentioned before) were done with lunch before because it’s a ritual here in India where all the males in a family should be fed first. It was sometime after lunch that we three went to a room for a nap. Did I mention three of us? OH, hell yeah, me, my dad and “the son”(I am going to start naming him as this).

My dad slept on one side of the bed and the other side of the bed was occupied by me. I guess it’s not required to mention that “the son” was sleeping in between both me and my dad. I could remember hearing only the sound of my dad snoring facing the other side of the bed and the murmurs coming from the dining room where all the women were having a gossip while having lunch. Suddenly I could feel a hand within my panty. Wait this is not enough for that asshole. YES, what are you thinking? He did put one of his fingers inside me. I did not know what that was called back then but I was sure that this was inappropriate way of touching a girl at whichever age she is in!

NO!!I couldn’t say a word after that to anyone regarding this. He roams in this free world where still women in family have lunch/dinner after all males in the family are fed.

Maybe this shouldn’t have happened.

He is such a confident person still when he confronts me with no shame in his eyes.

He might have thought I was a child back then to remember this stuff but still I do and whenever I recall I kill him in my mind and he is dead then.

Maybe never shall I be telling this to my parents, rather will never be able to. I am twenty-five now!

Should it be erased or he be punished!



  1. Walking with a burden in your heart of an un-revenged event of embarrassment will slow you down. It is possible that in order not to think about it, you could develop inclination for not even thinking anything, lest you remember it and feel bad again.
    But what is the way forward now?
    Imagine him seeking your pardon for doing this act. In what words will he say so? How and in what words will you respond?
    This would be even a far more embarrassing event which will not reduce the burden.
    So only you can bury this event BY NEGATING ITS EXISTENCE ALL TOGETHER. Remove this post as well. Use your heart to bury it.

  2. I disagree with the comments above… DO NOT BURY this. Obviously you have tried for years to bury it and you still live with the shame, anger, hurt and fear. Please speak up about this, I know how hard it is but keeping silent only empowers your attacker

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