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I woke up to a boner with this story

One night I had a dream that I’m walking by the sea shore and see a woman crying, she had blue hair, I approached her once she noticed me she lifts her head and screamed raaaaaaaaaapeeeee, so loud I thought my ears will blow. And then suddenly from the sand emerged about 50 triggered feminists and more where coming out of the forest, and whale feminists in the water, all of them was screaming, bigot, racist, cis white male, and other words I didn’t know the meaning, I noticed Antifa slowly appearing out of the bushes. I prepared to defend myself, I noticed Anita Sarkisian approaching me, she suddenly jumped while autistic screeching, I punched her in the face and slapped her tits, all feminist started attacking me, Antifa was just standing pretending to guard the area. I was struggling against all the feminist, I was about giving up hope, but then I saw a bright light and an eagle carrying Trump, he landed next to me all shining gold flexing his huge muscles, he turned to me and said, hey kiddo let’s make America great again, then touched my head, I suddenly felt a white power in me blazing. We turned our eyes to the feminist and they were powering up by changing their gender, they become even more hideous. We engaged in battle whit the abominations, Trump was evaporating them whit his rays off white power, the supreme and purest off powers. Trump started to look around and then shouted, Hillary I know you are here, I can smell you from a mile, and a dark figure emerged from the crowd, it was Hillary triggered like never before, they started fighting, at that time BLM jumping out of trees and throwing all kinds off slang and trump supporters started appearing, engaging in battle. I was attacked by milo from quirk kid stuff, she/he if that’s was screeching, you are enough? I knocked it out. at the main time Antifa was waiting for their payment from sorrows. Trump was fighting Hillary, he ripped her arm and smacked her whit it, she lost her powers, suddenly someone from a bush grabbed her neck and ripped her head off and blowed it up in his hand, the sky got darker, and he showed himself, it was Obama, he said she is no use to me anymore, Trump smiled, Obama’s eyes turned all white and he started shouting Allah Akbar, Muslims and lgdt started swarming the place, Trump shouted back, your fake god. Obama started raging and attacked trump, the fight was intense. at that time, I was fighting the lgbt creeps, whit the help off trump supporters, we were getting cornered. But then I heard I mighty roar, all the lgbt froze in fear a giant bear was going wright at them whit Putin wielding calasnikofs on both off his hands on top, the bear was ripping, slicing and dicing all the lgbt community, while Putin shooting the rest, screaming, pederasti, blood, shit and glitter was everywhere. I looked at Trump ow no he’s struggling, there was an illuminati triangle glowing on Obama’s forehead, he was holding Trump and saying things like, you can’t defeat us we still control you. Trump was like paralyzed, barely moving, still blocking attacks, suddenly a slaw appeared and while shouting, for Russia mother kurva, bashed Obama in the face whit a baseball bat, but Obama didn’t even move, he blasted the poor slaw whit dark energy, his vodka bottle broke and spilled all vodka and his Adidas pockets ripped spilling out all sunflower seeds, but the slaw still stud like a man, and cursed like a true Russian. suddenly a BLM activist attacked my I hit him and he becomes white, that’s the power trump give my, negrorcizm, he becomes a Trump supporter, other blms avoided me. More slaws started squatting from the forest, wielding bats and drinking vodka, joining the battle. Antifa got confused and started hitting each other.
I heard a voice behind me, hey goy, I turned around, and saw a metamorf Jew trying to pretend he is a Trump supporter, I punched him and he, dissolved, I noticed more metamorphjews and started hunting them down. Trump was smashing Obama’s face, and shouting, I’ll make America great again, Obama nocked Trump back, and summoned sjws to the field, the fight got more intense. I heard something bubbling in the see, and at that moment as I looked, Pepe jumped out of the see screaming reeeeeeeeee and punching two whale feminists out off the water, he jumped near Trump, to join the battle, ships started closing in its the kekistani people, fishing out the remaining whale feminists. Trump and Pepe joined forces, Obama was clearly tense, cracked a smile and attacked, was immediately knocked out by Pepe, while Trump was laughing. Suddenly a very dark force shoved its self, the sky when black, and all shekels was gone, its Soros, standing behind Obama, whit an angry face he said, if you fail my I make sure you will suffer Obama. then he looked to Antifa and shouted, you are useless I’m not going to pay you anything. Suddenly a bright red light, blasted making a svastika on the field and navies started coming from everywhere and Hans whit the flammenwerfer, burning any faggot in his way. A spaceship landed, and opened, Hitler jumped out in modern armor, armed whit a huge machine gun, started shooting and making an epic speech. at that time, I was removing kebab. Soros blasted a view at Obama, he started screaming like a gorilla, his muscles got larger and he got bigger, stronger. Putin noticed the event and joined in without the bear, he left him to finish the lgbt. Then Hans jumped to Obama whit his flammenwerfer and started burning Obama. Obama blasted the flame back at Hans, Hitler screamed nieeeeeeeen, Hans started burning alive, Pepe grabbed burning Hans and jumped in the water, but it was too late, Hans died in Pepes hands, Obama started laughing, while Pepe screamed reeeeeeeeeeeee so hard the ground was shaking, Pepes muscles become larger, veins popped he became all red, his power was increasing, while he was screaming reeeeeeeee. At that moment Hitler took of his hat and lead a tear for Hans, Trump got more serious, Putin too. all off a sudden Pepe attacked Obama started punching him at supersonic speed, and punched a hole right through his chest, Obama fall on the ground, and got flammenwerfered again, Trump managed to revive Hans from his last remaining white power in his corpses, Hitler jumped in joy, Pepe was excited too. Hans felt better than ever, Putin drinked some vodka for that. Soros looked at Obama and said, you are useless, then pulled him in the air and ripped him to piece’s, and vanished, the sun started shining the, clouds disappeared, we had won. To celebrate we had a great white party, we were about to start when Trump said, hey there is one more guests I’m going to invite, he pointed his hand to the sky light blasted, and there he was he in white robes, big white wings, its Harambe, we partied all day and night, then I woke up whit the biggest hardest boner.

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