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I was young, dumb reckless like any other ordinary guy

My life never started out easily. It was on pause. It didn’t start nor stop for anyone, but it did take one question and a lack of self-consciousness to believe what I had done.

I was young, dumb reckless like any other ordinary guy. Many guys my age are looking for jobs, cars, and most of all girls.

Girls. How can it be such a beautiful word yet taste so bitter when it over with? My life started when she walked through the doors. She was young, but so was I. Life never told what was to come or what was to happen.

If only I could go back and… and what? Regret the decision? Turn life around to where she never became mine. To where you and here were never together? The day she arrived I couldn’t shake the feeling of the possibility that something could happen.

I merely asked her a question and she said yes. What to come is what I had to bite my tongue towards. First came her father then came her mother and now comes my own father to push us both away. I thought I could be happy. I thought I could be better. All they see now is a boy and his stupidity in the way of something that has potential. I wish things could be better. To where nobody really cared if our predicament happened.


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