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Suddenly I feel like I am in a Jail

Suddenly I feel like I am in a Jail?

I married early which I never regretted and was a happy man with my wife who took care of me and my parents very well.

As I was from a poor family and my parents were sick, when I completed my undergraduate study, my parents, and wife said to me that to get a job in the home town while my friends and brothers are all moved to the capital for better opportunities.

I also got a job. Not that good but staying at home saved me some money, so though not bad. Then as a graduate of C.S.E. got introduced with freelance jobs online. Things became better. I was earning well. Felt good.

Wife was very understanding at that time, understood me and my earning and we were living accordingly saving for some future.

But she was changing slowly. I had to look after her own family members, had to give a lot of money as the loan and as help.

Then the main thing happened. Slowly she became competitive with my other brother’s wife. Started to compete with them. Started to ask me to buy a lot of hope appliances and furniture for home decoration 🙁

It became difficult for me to save money even had to spend my savings to meet her needs. It was difficult to fight with her. I love her. If she quarrels a lot about it until I fulfil her desire, I can’t resist. As a man who wants peace and simple life, I was losing myself each day.

All my plan of saving money and going for higher studies to abroad, taking my wife and my daughter, my angel with me to give them a better life started to die.

This writing, the reason was, I was saving some money for my treatment as I have a bad migraine headache and I saved some money to go to a neighbouring country for the cure, she knows it and spent the whole money for a new dining table!

Now I am out of money, out of hope, out of ideas!

I am not a perfect man, lazy, can’t hope for something large, afraid of taking risks.

But honest and can’t accept dishonesty and doing something out of emotions.

I was just writing because I was dying inside and felt like I should express myself somewhere that may help me relieve my stress a little.

I don’t expect suggestions, but if I really get some inspiration or what’s wrong I am thinking, which I might be thinking, would be great!

Have a good day to all and wish you are passing a good. time.

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