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I don’t even know my job title

Hi, I’m a 29-year old, who is still following a BSc. Actually, not just 1 but 2 degrees. I started one recently at a well-known private university and the other one I started in 2009 or something

I’ve been working since 2012. First, I started this job because of the financial issues that my family had. Then I quit it and joined another job and now I’m at the same old company that I worked two years ago.

I have to spend a lot for my degree and these people are paying me the amount that I need per month. It is not a great job. I don’t even know my job title or what I’m doing here. Still, I don’t have any other option. I will have to stay here for at least 3 more years, until I’m done with my degree. It is so frustrating. Today I got this call from this person (someone related to my job, I THINK, as I’m still not sure what exactly my job is) and he asked whether he can come to our office to visit someone to talk about something related to work. I told that person not to because I didn’t want to meet that person (How can you meet someone and talk about something that you have no idea about). That person must have thought that I am a receptionist or someone and for me, it is so annoying.

Today I also got to know that one of my lecturers is younger to me. How embarrassing is that. I’m 29 and no hope of getting married or meeting someone nice. I’m taking care of my educational expenses. My parents couldn’t take care of my higher educational expenses. So, I had to start earning to spend for my education. All the other students in my university are rich and their parents are taking care of their education. All my friends are doing well as most of them have even completed masters and doing proper jobs with great salaries.

I need to somehow get my degree (the one last hope I have), but that is also very very difficult.


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