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I’m probably gonna get fired for stealing makeup

I just got moved here to another state across the country sometime in April and it is now the end of August I just got my first job at an outdoor shopping mall as a concierge desk person.

This is only my second day training there and after my shift I went over to a makeup store called s e p h o r a.

It is only around the corner from where I work but it is in the same mall area and I stole something from the makeup store and I just got done work so I was wearing my work uniform and they had security escort me out of the whole shopping mall and they told me that I should tell my job that I was caught stealing because they will be telling them tomorrow anyways and I’m just so upset and just don’t know what to do because I like never steal anything.

But like eight now I’m so so so broke I can’t even afford a pack of gum. That’s why I got this job so I could make money and now I think or I’m pretty sure I will be getting fired like tomorrow.

I just don’t know what to do honesty.


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