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I just want to leave

Hello, I noticed how I always want to change myself. I’m always finding new ways to look different or be different. I just think that no one likes me. And I actually think it’s true because people always give me dirty looks. Whenever I do these little changes, I end up hating myself even more. And a friend of mine just straight up insulted me because of what I did to my hair. How do people expect me to be confident when no one here is on my side or helping me? i hate it here. I JUST WANT TO LEAVE, but I can’t.

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  1. same copletly the same im to self conscience to even where my hair up at school because everyone is so used to me having it down and thier so surprised when i where make up. im no different then they are and niether are you so if they want to categorize then fuck it wright ATYPICAL on our head

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