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I do not want this bad attitude turned into a personality of mine

Hey, I don’t know why I am writing this right now to be exact at 9.54 PM in Jakarta. I’ve been super busy, here and there. Weeks never seem to end I just do not have the time to rest and settle things a bit.

I just turned a year older precisely 3 weeks ago, I am officially considered as a grown up though my body is not supporting this fact. I do not know why the hell am I so moody, so complicated and everything else.

I do not want this bad attitude turned into a personality of mine.

Today I feel great, I am excited, motivated, and pretty productive. But still, I have lots of other tasks that I haven’t done yet. I feel bad cause I should have start working on it a few hours ago, but I played with my gadget instead so I haven’t done anything at all. I feel sort of wasted. I think I should rest a bit first, then continue my work later but my mind just won’t quit wondering. So how can I rest? Plus, I’m waiting for my boo too. I miss him so much I have not seen him for 2 days (???) which is torturing me because we haven’t spent quality time (privately (in bed)) for long enough.

I wonder, when will I have that time with him again? Because this thing is stressing me out, and I need him to take the weight away. He’s like the cure. He’s my angel//demon. Yes. I know it’s simple really, but it’s troubling my thoughts. My dear heart, and the passion in my soul.

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