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I hate my dad

I hate my dad, I’ve never had a good relationship with him and he is the person I never want to be when I grow up. He would get so angry because of really small things like when there’s one rapper on the ground he suddenly gets mad and screams and sometimes when he has his own problem he gets angry when we didn’t do anything.

And he always treats my sister so well but treats me like I’m a person who needs punishment for the rest of my life.

One day my sister was cooking and then she made me wash the stuff she used to cook and when my dad comes back from his job he always gets mad at me and says I do nothing and when I try to say something back at him like “I washed the dishes and cleaned the floor ” He just gets mad and thinks that I’m lying!

And I can’t even like say what I want to say to him or else he will just get mad.

I just wanted to share my feelings cause it’s kind of making me depressed.


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