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It’s just not easy being a mom

Hi my name is Kelly I am a single mom. Life is very hard at the moment as I have a 2-year-old son. He is world really. It’s just not easy being a mom trying to keep my house up, my life and my son life. It’s just hard sometimes, but that’s life. We have pull though for our kids and ourselves.

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  1. Being a mother will never be easy, if it was, then there would be something wrong, to be honest. Also, being a single mother is even harder, because you’re raising your son by yourself. It’s such a beautiful thing thought to be a mother, to be able to bring life into the world plus, you are his mother and father at once, so once he is grown, he will realize all the hard, blood, sweat and tears you have poured into this relationship you have with your son. Mothers are appreciated, never forget that.

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