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I don’t have any trusty people

I am 18 years old studying in college. Particularly I don’t have any trusty people whom I can share this or I am not even sure anybody will able to understand my feelings or my thoughts. Or my problem of subconsciousness.

It’s like I am getting lost in my own thoughts and now I’m even getting confused that what are my thoughts.

It’s like I got drown into the depth of darkness and even if someone try to lend a hand, they won’t able to reach me and understand the depth of my darkness. And even though I know only me I can safe myself, still like I wanted it to be like.

My though don’t even exist. And I am wondering that. What am I getting drown into? It’s like I’m locked inside cage. And even after having key to free myself.

I still wonder why shall I even free myself. Like I wanted to know my sole purpose of my existence…and sometimes I thought I could avoid those feelings. And even I thought I even already got escaped.

But it’s like the fate was always chasing me down. Like the nature wanted me to experience the end point ok that deep darkness.

Like the nature is still wanting me to grow stronger even though I chose to run away.

And the fate just grabbed me downed. But like always. It didn’t show any way to finish the end point. It’s like destiny and nature wanting me to make me try and run harder than before.

Or I don’t even know. What this nature wants me to do… I know. No one will get my condition. But I hope the readers. Will pray good for me…



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