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The story of my first sexual experience

I am a twenty-year-old student. I like to share my first sexual experience. I am an Indian. I got married recently to my father’s friend’s son. He is twenty-six years

This marriage happened by force. I was not interested in getting married before finishing my degree. I did accept at the end.

During our first night, we were both tired and decided to sleep. He slept beside me, cuddling me close to his chest. I felt my heart racing.

I guess he too would have felt my heart beat faster, I could feel his smile on my shoulder. I felt safe strangely even though I was mad at him.

I woke up late the next day. He was gone by that time. I brushed & went down to check if he was there. There was breakfast on the table with a note. It said that he would be back at eleven thirty. It was only 9, I decided to bath. I ate some & went to bath.

After bath, I dried & lay on the bed naked. I did not care to close the bedroom door as the front door was locked. I put on my headphones and closed my eyes melting into the music.

Suddenly, I found a firm hand on my shoulder. I startled & turned around to find him stand there. I felt too shy to look at him. I covered my front but my hands were not enough. He uttered something which I didn’t catch. I looked his face. He looked like he was longing for me.

He leaned forward and said that I looked extremely sexy and that he wanted to rip my clothes off ever since he met me. He kissed me full on my lips such a fervour. He said I was totally his. I was sinking into him.

I could feel his shirt fabric all over my chest. He was kissing me all over my face. His hands crawled down to my waist. I was twisting and turning within his grip.

One hand caressed my thighs. He twisted and teased my nipples with the other. He advanced towards the axis of my thighs. I pressed my thighs together. He pinched my nipple & absorbed my gasp with his mouth.

I automatically opened my legs wide. I was dripping wet down there. He suddenly took my nipple in his mouth & started sucking simultaneously as he pressed my clitoris. He pressed me down. He was torturing me in a desirable fashion. I was so close when he suddenly stopped.

I begged him to continue. He was unzipping his pants. I was shocked to look at his erection. I was too damn wet. He lay on me fully & kissed me. I could feel it poking. He whispered if he wanted me inside.

I begged him to. All of sudden, I could feel sharp pain as he teared through my virginity. I tried to push him away. He held my hands & kissed me. After I got accustomed to pain, he started moving, I was feeling full.

I closed my eyes out of pleasure. He asked me if I liked it. I couldn’t respond. It was too much pleasure. All I could do was to moan. He chuckled when I moaned. He kissed me as he came inside me.

I was shattering into million pieces as I reached my orgasm.


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  1. You’ll be an amazing wife. Don’t miss having sex nor wait. See that he can fuck regularly and he’ll love you heaps and you’ll be the decision maker.

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