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None of the girls talk to me

I’m fourteen and I go to a private school. I have gone to a private school all my life that is only-boys 1st-6th. However, in 7th and 8th grade it is boys and girls. I talk to the boys at my school and mess around with them but, I can’t seem to get in any friendships with girls. (keep in mind my school is so small and have around fifty kids in my class).

I talk to kids in my class and we seem to be good friends but we never do anything outside of school. Most kids have friends outside of our school in other schools and they meet them by playing sports or through other friends. I have never really been able to do this. I have only 2-3 people I could call true friends and still I rarely do things with them unless I invite them over to my house.

I am kind of overweight and I enjoy playing video games. I have always thought that I enjoy this life style and that I don’t need friends but at some point, the loneliness gets to you and its hard.

That’s why I came here to write this. But I am going to be going to an all-boys high-school next year and this may not be the best thing for me but the very few people I do stuff with at my place is going to this school and I just feel as if I have to.


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