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Nobody out of you “friends” really likes you

Sometimes, things are but think it will get better. I mean high school ended now you have a new start university. You think everything is going to be okay and good because you have your best friend and friends in general, people that love you and care about. That you will meet new people and they will be amazing or better than the people you knew in high school since high school friend group had a big drama and you just want it to better now. You think it will not be the same as school it will be real and these you people you meet will be really friends that you will know forever.

First day of university, amazing met some great people that you think will always be there since they are already better than the people you knew in high school and you think university is going to be great but, a week later it is the same like high school that nobody out of you “friends” really likes you I mean you can feel it they don’t even say hi or bye to you it’s like you don’t exist but are just there as backup.

You feel like you always going to be alone. Then I go to my best friend who lives across the world but I clearly see that she not my best friend either since she is too bust talking to others when this was the time I really needed her and then she shares everything with this other girl then talking to me well I am no one to anyone anyway. I’m sorry everyone I was just trying to be myself


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