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I always knew about love and started crushing at a young age

Well, all my life I always knew about love and started crushing at a young age. My first crush was probably in Kinder garden and I liked him, I could feel my cheeks redden when I’m near him and other stuff.

I was surprised when I saw a really good friend of mine start to like him as well and was kind of sad but easily moved on. My next crush was on second grade, he was my best friend at that time and it started when I helped bring him to the nurse after he hit his head and we’ve been close ever since.

But that didn’t last long when in 3rd grade, I was sitting next to a seat with a really sweet guy and I grew feelings for him as well but that changed when in 4th grade, I liked another guy and I crushed on him for 2 years! So that makes 4th and 5th grade. But in 6th grade I sat next to the guy that was my sit mate last year and finally noticed how he always seemed to show feelings for me and grew some for him as well, but when I confessed to him everything was awkward between us and we never started talking despite our seating arrangements.

Before 7th grade, I got into maybe 3 flings but nothing serious. On 7th grade, I met a guy who had so much in common with me. Our birthdays were even next to each other’s. I told my friends all about it and they told him but then things got awkward.

Hanging out, nudging each other, and joking then turned into awkward silences, little glances and so on. After a few months, a guy from the next class always kept hugging me and coming on to me and even openly admitted he loves me.

He is really sweet and cute and has a great sense of humour that always seems to make me laugh. I feel butterflies and fireworks that I’ve never felt before and it’s like I’m on cloud 9. I loved it! And right now, I still don’t know what our relationship is because it’s obvious we like each other we don’t know how to talk about it. But still we aren’t afraid to flirt and act like a couple in front of everyone’s faces


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