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I am slowly dying of being alone

Dear everyone.

I’m not perfect, no one is. If Shakespeare was right about cowards die many deaths, well gosh I’ve died a million times. I seem to feel depressed, but I don’t plan to share that with my family so here it goes. You random people get to know my story.

When I was born in 2003 December 15th I was young and knew literally nothing but eat, cry, crap, sleep. I did not know my mother was going to leave me and my family except my older brother bobby. I also did not know she tried to kill my other brother with poison when he was a baby. God, she must hate kids.

Anyways she and my brother bobby left, I have 6 brothers I am the only girl. But sadly, three of them died. They just stopped breathing at birth. I only have one whole brother Dakota don’t worry my dad saved him. I only live with 2. My dad went to jail for four years, so I got stuck with my grandmother. Never went outside, never even knew what a period was. Yes, that time of the month.

I was always sick there because of my immune system. When my dad came back he got remarried. She hates me. Now I live with them and 2 of my brothers. They ignore me and so does everyone at school. Highschool I tell you. So now rock is my love. And I am slowly dying of being alone. Reading is my only adventure into life, and my room is my sanctuary. Hope is lost for me. Any advice or friends


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