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A small story about me and a Blue Girl

Dear Blue Girl, how are you? You’re probably doing your homework, or playing video games again. One thing is for sure: you’re not reading this. And I hope you never will.

For those whom are reading this, hello. I will tell you a story. A small story about me and a Blue Girl.

I call her Blue Girl because her favourite colour is blue. She isn’t sad or moody. At least, I don’t think she is. In reality, I don’t know much about her, and I have known her for four years.

It started three years ago, when we both talked over where we came from. I can still remember her brown, messy hair, and the way that she smiled. It isn’t easy to forget it.

A year after we had met, I realized that I had a crush on her. It wasn’t infatuation, no, but it was a fondness I couldn’t describe.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about my feelings. I had never liked anyone before, besides a boy in fourth grade. I decided that I shouldn’t delve in romance, so I simply stopped the feelings. When I tried to stop the feelings for the Blue Girl, it didn’t work.

I felt unsettled, as I was confused about my sexual orientation. It got even more complicated when I found out I was unsure about my gender identity as well. Everything was all jumbled up, and it felt like a sad, stupid story.

Now, I’m slightly over it. I still have some feelings left over, but they are not as strong as before.

Thank you for reading my story, about the experience of meeting the Blue Girl. It may not be a happy experience, but it’s an experience nonetheless.

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