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When I was 7 he molested me

For now, call me Kai. So, when I was about three, my mom and dad divorced. A year later she found a man. I won’t say his name either, so let’s call him Evil man.

Evil man and my mother got married. Evil man became violent, and ended up abusing me for twelve or thirteen years. When I was 7 he molested me, up until I was about fourteen. I was fed up after he sexually touched me, and hurt my brother. I told the police officers, and now my life is better. I may have a few problems, but I am fine.


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  1. to be honest that seems pretty ruff, I just hate people who do that stuff. its just WRONG!! I thought god changed it so everyone is the same no ones an individual and everyones SPECIAL!!. but apparently not, apparently god has let a bit of evil still exist. no matter how much we try, we cant change someone we just have to hope they choose the right path and follow it.

    -from, a girl who has the same life as you (my names Heidi by the way)

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