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She taunted me, she said that I was so stupid

I just want to share my feeling right now. This is my first time using this website, so I really don’t know how this thing works. I have got hurt by my Mom, not physically but my feeling is hurt, really hurt.
Before, I forgot to take $1 from plastic bag and accidentally it got dumped to trash can. I really know that was my fault, but my mom was so angry, and I got yelled because of that. First, I just accepted what she said, but later on she started to slam everything in the house; glasses, chair and then she increased the volume of the radio.

She taunted me, she said that I was so stupid, idiot, dumb, and another bad words came out from her mouth.
This wasn’t the first time she done it, I think what she did are really exaggerate.

When she’s out of the house, she tell all her friends about my faults, mock me, and say all the bad words to me. Just come on, I know I was wrong, even I already apologized about what I’ve done, but my heart is so hurt.

Now, she has avoided me for two days ago and always glare at me like I’m a criminal.

All these things happened because $1 got dumped ^^

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