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I have a fear of talking to new people

I’m bored and lonely. I’m an introvert I guess. I have a fear of talking to new people, people think I can overcome it, people think I’m too shy, but I don’t think so. I know myself more than others…I guess.

I can’t talk to people I don’t even understand why. If someone talk to me, I just stop for a few seconds and say something but so much is going on in my head. No one will understand.

I have only 3 best friends at school. At 7th grade, now I’m in 8th grade, and so are my friends, but 2 of them moved to another school which they enjoyed. I begged my mom that I want to move school too but she says don’t do it for friends. Do it for education. It’s so— I don’t know… it makes me depressed. And 1 other, is in another country. Like, who am I with now? I thought first day was going to be hard, but it was much more better than I thought, this is the 4 week of school and I’m getting bullied.

There’s a new girl in our grade and she instantly become popular, she is pretty and I always wanted to talk to her, she’s in my class.

But then (just so you know my hobby is drawing and I’m an artist sort of Ryukiiro@IG)

She asked me to draw something for her, of course I said no, I really don’t have much time to draw for people. I don’t take requests. Guess what.

She started backbiting me. There are rumors spread around my grade that I am a thief. Like I would never steal something !?

One thing, she lost something from her locker the day before she asked me that and she thought I stole it? She doesn’t even have proof.

My life is going through so much right now I can’t wait for it to get better. I don’t even know how it will get better.

On the side note, our school has a low reputation and not a lot of students are there. In my class, there are only 14 students in total and I’m not even kidding, one of my class is separated from our studies of religion, and I’m the ONLY student in that class while others have one class at least with 2+ classmate and I just want to DIE when I found that out.

My religion class isn’t even nice, I don’t like the teacher and I these things make me don’t want to go to school anymore but I don’t know what I can do about it.

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